Various Methods For Timber Floor Installation

 When you think about elegant flooring, timber flooring is one of the most elegant floorings one can have. It adds a distinctive touch to the house, and it is quite versatile as well. It can easily blend with the modern interior and the vintage as well. Floor polishing the process that is done to make keep the floor good as new and shining and floor sanding is the first step towards the floor polishing from Nelson Bay

The installation:

If you look a bit deep there are various types of timber floor installation and each is carried according to the situation. There are various points to keep in mind while one is trying to get timber flooring installed. The methods also depend on what sort of wood one is selecting for the flooring. It can be a bit expensive but in the long run, you are going to save your money. Before deciding everything, just ask the experts what material the best for you and what type of method you can be should select according to the condition of your floor. Visit this link for more info on timber floor installation in Newcastle.

  1. Nailing Down:

This type of timber floor installation is the most common type used for the installation. It involves the nailing of the wood to the plywood subfloor. This type of flooring is not for the amateur. It requires special techniques and to perfect it, it requires experience. 

  1. Floating:

This is far might be the easiest way to install wood flooring amongst all the methods. As there is nothing complicated required to apply this method. In this method it wood planks are floating on the floor. The planks are fixed like a puzzle and then they rest on the floor.  

  1. Adhesive:

There might be pre-existing tile floor or wood flooring in your house or any sort of build and you are not sure whether to remove it or not then adhesive will help you to have new timber flooring over the old ones but, one thing to remember this will work only if the previous flooring is levelled and smooth otherwise it may cause you problems. 

  1. Stapling:

In this method, a large stapler kind of machine is used which shoots that staples with speed and force to stick the wood plank on to the plywood subfloor. With the help of this machine excellent quality of timber flooring can be achieved in no time and its machine is quite expensive as well.