Types Of Garage Doors

The garage doors are meant for security and the choice is pretty difficult for a number of perfect garage doors are available in the market. The buyer needs to know that what he actually needs and does the existing garage doors actually fulfill the needs of the buyers. The different types of garage doors   that are easily available in the market are as follows:


  • Sectional garage doors are the most popular forms of the garage doors. They are placed both in the homes and the commercial set ups to secure the garages. These garage doors consist of two different parts. These two or more sections are attached to one another with the help of the hinges. Thus, the door can be folded and unfolded as required.  It is fitted along the vertical tracks.
  • Roll up garage doors include a barrel system. The door opens by rolling down along the   barrels. This happens because of the horizontal slats attached to each other in the door thus; the door can easily bend and curve at any point.  They are popularly used for the commercial purposes. 
  • Sliding garage doors are easy to handle. They were one of the earliest types of garage doors that were used to secure the garages of all kinds. There are several innovative alternatives to these doors these days. Therefore, these are used very rarely. 
  • Side hinged garage doors is also popular garage door option that is being used for over centuries now. They evolved with the evolution of the garages and they are still working the same way. The hinges are fixed to the sides of the doors so they can be easily opened by inward or outward movements.  
  • Tilt up garage doors is different from the above mentioned doors. They close neither in sections nor around the hinges but actually the tilt up and down. These doors are further classified into canopy doors and retractable doors. The canopy garage doors are fixed with the pivoting hinge mechanism. It is used to lift up the doors in the upward direction in such a way that they get completely closed along with the ceiling of the garage. The second type can be suspended to the roof. This makes this door look like the canopy. 


These   are the popular types of the garage doors. The buyers can choose the types according to the requirements. The cost of the garage doors also varies according to the functionality of the commercial roller doors Campbellfield. The weather conditions and the kind of garage needs to be considered too while buying the right garage door. It is better to consult the door experts before actually buying the door.