Things You Should Know When Opening A Restaurant Or Café

If cooking is your passion then opening your own restaurant would be the ultimate dream. Once opened, this will be a full time commitment, even on public holidays, the weekend or family events. Places to eat are a constant search among the people on any day at any time and hence if you want to capture as many customers as you could and build a good reputation, then you need to be open at all times. If you are prepared for all of this, here are some things you need to know when opening a restaurant.

Business plan and financial resources

Nothing can be done without a proper plan so come up with a solid business plan for your restaurant. It should include the initial budget, the core services provided at your restaurant, why it is special than the other bistros in the neighbourhood, the operations process etc. With such a proper plan in hand, you can then approach people for financial resources, if you don’t have the money yourself. As you move forward, you will encounter expenses and problems that you did not pay much attention to such as, licensing, tax fees, security fencing Melbourne, health and safety codes etc. Consider all these and make your budget and prepare well to pitch your business to any bank manager or funding agent.


People will not keep rushing in just because you are the newest bistro on the block with the best coffee and apple pie or because you’ve created a sophisticated ambience with newest furniture for cafes Melbourne. It takes time for people to trust a restaurant as you are handling their food so be prepared for some financial losses the first few months. Do your research and know what customer market to target, how to attract and retain them. Many new restaurants flourish due to customer referrals so treat even the few customers you have, really well. They will surely talk about your restaurant among friends and you’ll have more customers in no time.


Usually you might staff your restaurant with family members and friends, however in the long run; this isn’t a very good idea. Immediate family such as your parents, partner or children is fine however, beyond that can get a bit risky. Once you hire them, your relationship will change forever as you will now be their boss and this will sometimes have a negative effect. You might find it difficult to evaluate them, correct them or even fire them if it is necessary. So hire people with previous experience who can provide you with valuable insight.