Footy Answers Some Of The Customer Questions

Customers, potential buyers, and people in general when have any queries, questions or concerns, they ask regarding it from the team at Footy through either a telephone call, or their email address, or by visiting them in person. Some of the questions are such that they are often asked, hence the team at Footy provides for answers. First question that people ask is that why is it recommended to have a supervisor from their team, well the answer is to ensure that only children within a specific age bracket and in certain numbers enter the castle. It is also enquired that under which circumstance would you require a team member to supervise the kids, well usually these castles are set up during the day, but if it is organized for at night, then it is safer to have an experienced person by our side, and also if the castle is set up in your backyard, away from your eyes, then also you would require an expert to keep an eye on the children and their activities.  

Some people think that setting up a jumping castle hire in West Sydney might require a lot of land space, and hence they refrain from having one for their kids. This is not always the truth; each castle provided by Footy has a different size and dimensions, all of which are mentioned online along with that specific castle. If this information is not clear, you can then also directly ask them at Footy and they will let you know. Connected to this query is the next one, often people ask about how long can this inflated jumping castle be; you must know that its height varies with each type of castle, but for a rough estimate know that it lies between two to seven meters in height. 

One of the most interesting questions is regarding the types of surface on which one could set these castles on. Usually they have had it on a grass surface, even on a clear one, a paved surface as well as on a concrete one. But ideally you should talk about this to them while you are placing your order, to avoid any issues at last moment. It is also asked if anything would happen to the castle if it comes in direct contact with any surface. Well ideally they keep it at safe distance to avoid it from bursting, and this is why when they deliver it, they also set it up ensuring that it keeps a safe distance even from the surrounding bushes and trees. You must also know that it is not filled with air once and then set up; the castle constantly needs a supply through an electric connection, so make sure that the place you want to set the castle in has an electricity connection. Normally it takes fifteen to thirty minutes to set up a castle, if there are any delays, they would be because of the space you are setting it up in. For more information, please log on to